Matt Sherratt Halo

This week I’ve had an article published in Ceramic Review issue 284 titled ‘Shining Example’ written by the knowledgeable & observant Alex McErlain. Its great to get this type of exposure especially as it can be a solitary business making in a rural setting, however idyllic it may be.

My entry for the 2017 summer exhibition has finally been sent off. A piece Halo has been entered as it a strong form and well resolved piece of work.  I’ve applied a few times and not been selected so it’ll be interesting to see what happens?

Finally the ship commission is on its last stage. All being well its going to be completed in the next two weeks. Nail biting time as deadline is end of Feb so really hoping the finish is up to scratch. The aim is to go for a marble like finish on a resin sculpture. Not really the easiest things to achieve so relying on the skill of Castle Foundry in Liverpool to come up trumps. It also needs to have a gold and silver leaf finish which will contrast well with the marble finish, although test sample was not good the final leaf should look fabulous.