This sculpture is now not far from completion. The most important part recently has been getting the finish right. As it is made of fibre glass resin I’ve been learning a lot and gaining a familiarity with what is actually possible. So far it is made of a resin with ground marble which has managed to get the most wonderful finish. It has also been filled so that has created a patchy finish. To get it back to a more uniform and presentable finish there has been a mixed of matte white paint and coloured wax to achieve the desire natural look it currently has.

Once this is completed then it will be gilded to allow contrast of the matte white and to show off its form where it will be lit carefully on the cruise ship. This is all quite a nervous time and only once have these finishes been applied correctly will it be possible to say we have a piece ready to be sent off.

My next blog will be able to report back and describe how this last phase has gone.