Serene Space Chester Cathedral

Matt Sherratt is showing a new body of work created for the C14th Chapter House. He is drawn to the ancient space and its presence. The contrast between the architecture and the modern work are complimentary making a fascinating combination.


The large sculptures have started life on the potter’s wheel which are then carefully manipulated to alter the circular form and hand-built with coils of clay which then introduces a more organic element. The final stage is carving and honing the form before it is glazed and ready to go on show. His aim for Serene Space is that the work created will be both calming and inspiring. Allowing a space for the viewer to have a reflective and thoughtful moment.


His inspiration for these sculptures come partly from natural curved forms such as those found in shells and bones structures. The curves are finely balanced, forming a highly expressive and dynamic element to the work.


His interest and practice in yoga plays a subtle influence. It allows him to stretch out after a day in the studio. He finds the yoga highly beneficial for his posture and the focusing of his attention on the work.


A recent additional element to his work is the use of bright matt glazes which he feels brings a new vibrant expressive quality to the work. The striking colours will allow the work to make a bold statement within the huge charismatic space of the Chapter House.