A small extract from a fantastic article in Ceramic Review issue 284

‘All of this extended making time impacts heavily on the artist and he was at pains to articulate the importance to him of being in the right frame of mind whilst immersing himself in work. Matt practices yoga and meditation and said ‘I have actually done a lot of yoga, they say when you think your mind has wandered off you are not doing yoga. It’s a focusing of the mind which is what goes into this work’. The concentration required for this largely process led sculpture, requires him to be constantly attuned to change and distractions can easily disrupt him. He observed ‘the process of throwing is fantastic, you lose yourself in it , coiling is too;[when I’m working] its more about being lost in a piece of work and coming back later on and saying, ok this is what emerged. It’s all about the way you feel. Yoga is a very good way of preparing for walking into a studio with positive thinking’’