I’ve been planning a show at Chester Cathedral titled Serene Space. This will follow on from Ark, the impressive sculpture exhibition organised by Pangolin London https://chestercathedral.com/visit-us/ark/. Showing work by artists including Peter Randall-Page, Lyn Chadwick, Steve Dilworth and Damien Hurst. The cathedral is an enchanted place to show work because of the striking architecture and grand atmosphere.  I’m delighted to have the chance to follow on and build upon the reputation Chester Cathedral has for showing high quality art. The image above is of a trail piece placed in the C14th Chapter House. As it was unwrapped for the first time it immediately gathered an audience curious about the work.

Much development and careful planning has already been put into Serene Space. I’ll be focusing evolving large complex forms, bright dramatic colour and surface quality will be explored. Throwing and making skills being refined and honed.

Cheshire life has recently been to interview me for a feature on Serene Space which will be excellent for promoting the exhibition. I’ve been working hard trying to raise funding for this project. So far Chester Visual Arts who put on the very successful Pop Art exhibition have offered 10% funds towards an Arts Council application which I’m currently waiting to hear back from.